rapidly flawed

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We have abandoned plans to install a revolving security door because our engineers determined that it is
-------- flawed.

1. temporarily
2. casually
3. fundamentally
4. rapidly

The answer is rapidly.

But I thought the answer could be 3.
Please explain why 4 is the right answer.

Thank you for your help in advance. :)
  • Keith Bradford

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    Lesson 1. Multiple-choice questions are a terrible way to test English and an even worse way to learn it. This book is wrong; you are right. The answer could be 1 or 3, with 3 clearly the best option.


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    'Rapidly' doesn't even make sense there. A flaw is usually a minor problem: a flaw can often be fixed. But fundamentally flawed means flawed right down to the fundamental aspects: so badly flawed that it can't be fixed; so you abandon the plan. That's why your answer is the best of the three that do make (any kind of) sense. (Actually, I don't really know what 'casually flawed' would be.)
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