rapidly multiplying non-profits and relief funds

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As we know, non-profits and relief funds benefit our society. But the author of the the following passage mentioned them in an ironic tone. I don't know why:
For us, the post-everything generation, pastiche is the use and reuse of the old clichés of social change and moral outrage – a perfunctory rebelliousness that has culminated in the age of rapidly multiplying non-profits and relief funds.

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  • siares

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    The relief funds and non profits - if there is more of them, that would seem to be a good thing.
    But once put together with 'perfunctory rebelliousness', it can be said that they rapidly multiply for wrong reasons. If the rebelliousness is a casual thing requiring no effort, then it implies that the relief funds are started haphazardly, without solid management, and they will fail to make any difference.
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