rapport d'étonnement

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  1. eleanor-j Senior Member

    Salut à tous !

    I'm translating a text about integrating new employees into a company, and one of the things they receive is "un rapport d'étonnement 2-3 mois après le démarrage". They also receive a personal integration course and a welcome pack. Any concrete ideas on what this "rapport d'étonnement" is?
    Something like an update report on how they're doing in the company so far?
    I'd appreciate any ideas!
    Merci !
  2. mapping Senior Member

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    I have no idea. It doesn't make sense. Are you sure it's "étonnement" ?
    If you are, then it must be very specific to the company and I'd be interested to know what it is exactly ...
  3. eleanor-j Senior Member

    Yep, it's rapport d'étonnement alright..
    I googled a little and found just 2 translations of it as "discovery report"..
    I haven't heard of it, but at least it's as vague as the French..
  4. Qcumber Senior Member

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    I suppose it's a report in which they list what surprised them during their initial stage in the firm.
    e.g. Pourquoi n'y a-t-il que deux toilettes pour deux cents personnes?
    [typically French] :D
  5. eleanor-j Senior Member

    so you think "discovery report" is an OK translation?
  6. eleanor-j Senior Member

    or maybe just "feedback"?
  7. hounze New Member

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    Hey, hope I can help. I don't know the exact translation yet but I've come up with it in the following context: after a trade show, the exhibitor is asked to draw up a "rapport d'étonnement", which is a report on any new technology he/she has discovered at the competitors' exhibition stands....
  8. hounze New Member

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    Just as a follow-up, I'm going to use the term "technological watch", but for the other context mentioned above, I found another site that talks about a "new eyes" report.
  9. Michelvar

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    C'est aussi un terme que j'utilise. Lorsque j'embauche une nouvelle personne dans mon entreprise, je lui demande toujours de me rédiger un rapport d'étonnement au bout de trois semaines de présence.

    Il s'agit d'une note dans laquelle le nouveau venu explique tout ce qui l'a étonné lors de sa prise de fonction.

    Lorsqu'un nouveau arrive d'une autre entreprise et se dit "tiens, ça c'était mieux fait dans ma précédente entreprise", je préfère qu'il me l'explique, plutôt qu'il le garde pour lui.
  10. bgillesp Member

    I rather like "exchange of first impressions"

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