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Bonjour, je voudrais traduire en anglais le terme "rapprochement compta/gestion" utilisé dans cette phrase (finance, comptabilité) : "j'ai effectué des rapprochements compta/gestion"

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    Nous avons besoin de plus de contexte.

    I acted as the link between (the) finance (department) and management?
    I analysed the connections between finance and management?


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    Do you mean 'liaison'? As in 'I am the finance department's management liaison' (meaning the finance department sends you to talk to management for them and management will talk to you when they want to reply to the finance department)?


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    Hi all! Thanks for your answers!
    Yes, I'm talking about reconciliations between accounting records (cash) and management records (system).


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    I'm a bit late, but might not this mean that the person is checking that the accounts match? i.e. that there is agreement between the reports the management receives and the accounts.

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    Yes, that's the idea that the reconciliations suggestion is based on. I'd probably use the verb, reconcile a with b.


    to bring into agreement: reconciled financial accounts.
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