Rasca vs Reles

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by skizzo, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. skizzo Senior Member

    porto, portugal
    Is there a difference between the usage of these nouns? I seem to hear them interchangeably. When should I use one or the other?
    [h=1]Rasca vs Reles[/h]
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  2. Archimec Senior Member

    Montreal, Canada
    Portugal, portuguese
    Eu diria que são semelhantes, com uma ligeira diferença que tento exprimir em inglês:
    reles= shabby, worthless
    rasca=cheap, gross, ill-bred
    A expressão "à rasca" means "to be in deep trouble; urge to poop".
  3. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil
    And most Brazilians wouldn't know /use rasca.
  4. mykka Member

    Porto, Portugal
    Rasca is more likened with "cheapness" while Reles is more associated with being vulgar and ill mannered.

    Out of the two, you will most likely hear "rasca" more often.

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