rather a gradual argument.

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Hello everyone,

From the book AI in Marketing, Sales and Service by Peter Gentsch.

It goes without saying that the amount of data has increased immensely thanks to the Internet of things, mobiles and social media—yet this is rather a gradual argument. The decisive factor is that thanks to the possibilities of IT and the digitalisation of business processes, customer-oriented points of contact for both generating data and for systematically controlling communication have increased. Added to this is the high speed at which the corresponding data is collected, processed and used.

What does "rather a gradual argument" mean? I don't think that the usual meaning of "gradual" applies here.

Thank you.
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    mmmmm.... I gotta say that I'm having a hard time understanding what the author means here too. It could be that he/she is expressing that this point of view (i.e., the argument) takes some time to develop.... but again, it's seems strange to me. Also to add - the author is originally from Germany, so I'm not sure if this passage is a translation from an original, which might add to the confusion. In fact, "Internet of things, mobiles, and social media" seems a bit awkward to me too.... but may be more a British English construct?
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