rather than an individual artist’s psyche

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Blue Apple

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Persian (Iran)
Does "rather than an individual artist’s psyche" in the following text mean "rather than how meaning operates in an individual artist’s psyche"?

This book will begin by exploring the shift in the relationship between art and psychoanalysis from a Surrealist engagement with psychoanalytic imagery to the more contemporary critical engagement by artists, art critics and historians that emphasises how psychoanalytic concepts such as fetishism, narcissism, abjection, etc., rather than being used as illustrational sources for art, can be used as tools to think about how meaning operates in the cultural reception of an artwork rather than an individual artist’s psyche (Art and Psychoanalysis by Maria Walsh).
  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    I agree with Blue Apple's interpretation, I think, but if challenged I don't think I could bear to read that sentence one more time.
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