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  1. piggy94 Banned

    I found the following sentences in the thread, but I'm still confused. My first question is in the following strucutre, when you start a sentence would rather , the verb after than should be verb root form?

    I'd rather sleep than watch television.

    but in the following structure, which has no would rather, I find gerund and verb root form after than.

    I want to go swimming rather than skiing."
    "I want to drive the car rather than walk"

    Then, if I change the sentence structure as follows, do I have to use only verb root form or gerund is also possible?

    I'd rather drive than walk. or
    I'd rather drive than walking?

    Please explain it to me the rule!!
  2. chamyto

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    1 -One thing is would rather plus bare infinitive .

    I´d rather ( I would rather ) be at home = I would prefer to be at home.

    2-In your second example "I want to go swimming rather than (go )skiing."
    "I want to drive the car rather than walk"

    Here "rather than" means more or less instead of

    Wait for native´s responses .
  3. Tazzler Senior Member

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    I'd rather go swimming than skiing.

    In this sentence the second "go" is implied. "skiing" is connected to this implied "go".
  4. piggy94 Banned

    I am still looking for your replies, but nobody has answered the two questions I posted. Can you help me?
  5. Tazzler Senior Member

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    I'm sorry. I should have been clearer.

    Yes, you need the bare infinitive (or "root form" as you put it) after "would rather". The gerund is incorrect. "swimming" and "skiing" are part of the phrases "go swimming" and "go skiing"; "go" is the verb to consider (and it is a bare infinitive in this construction, as usual).

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