1. el once Member

    Canada (English)
    Hi, What does this term mean? I'm sorry I can't provide more context but I imagine it comes from raton.
  2. transparente Senior Member

    at home
    I believe it must be 'to play hooky', that is to skip classes.
    Here we say: hacerse la ratona/la rata
  3. Filomeno's brother

    Filomeno's brother Senior Member

    Colón, Entre Ríos, Argentina
    Argentina / Spanish
    ¡Ja-ja-ja!... No sé en qué contexto aparece ese gerundio, pero en la Argentina ratonearse significa tener fantasías sexuales, o sea, to have sexual fantasies.
    No conozco otra acepción para ratonear. Eso sí, existe una palabra parecida, pero es poco usada: ratonar; significa morder o roer algo (como los ratones) y ponerse enfermo de comer muchos ratones (en el caso de los gatos).
    Aguarda las acepciones existentes en otros países. Saludos.
  4. martin100181 Member

    Español, Argentina
    It is also used to say that somebody is buying cheap stuff (but no because he has no money, just because he is a "raton"), but it is slang in Argentina.

    It is also used to say that somebody is getting hot (sexually speaking) but just thinking on somebody, so you say:

    "Se está ratoneando con Laura"...
    Hope that helped, is kind of hard to explain.
  5. fuzzzylogix

    fuzzzylogix Senior Member

    aspacameur/english 1st, spanish 2nd
    well, you know what they say: "when the cat's away...the mouse will play"
    sounds sexual to me...
  6. el once Member

    Canada (English)
  7. kazijistan Senior Member

    Chile and Spanish
    In Chile, "ratonear" means someone who is always looking for the cheapest prices, but is not synonim of "regatear". "Ratonear" has a negative connotation because it has to do with avaricious and mean people.

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