Ravanei, remulass, barbabietul e spinass

  • Silvia

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    It's taken from a song, it's a quite funny refrain of a folk song in the dialect of Milan, if you are really interested I will explain in detail!


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    Yes. please do. If you have time. A whole bunch of stuff and 3 euros for the whole lot? Or am I totally wrong?


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    Ok. The original chorus is: ravanei, remulass, barbabietul e spinass tre palanche al mass.
    ravanei = ravanelli (radish)
    ramulass = ramolaccio (never used, wild radish)
    barbabietul = barbabietole (beets)
    spinass = spinaci (spinach)
    tre palanche al mass = three coppers a bunch (copper was an old coin)

    I turned it into 3 € (our European currency) a bunch, which is crazy, but it's life nowdays, and consider 1,00 € is around 1 $ and 30 cents!