rayent le plancher

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    Bonjour à tous!

    I have a question regarding 'rayent le plancher' in the following sentence:

    'L'ambition de mon ami David est telle que ses 'Crow' rayent le plancher'

    David's aim in life is such that his 'Crows' scratch the floor?

    The man in question is David Crow (Crow being his surname) and he's just had a confrontation with someone in the boardroom. It doesn't make any sense at all! Is there a specific phrase for 'rayent le plancher'?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Merci bien!
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    salut !

    I think that "ses crow" should be "ses crocs" which mean "his teeth", it might be a joke.
    Rayent le plancher is the cratches on the woodfloor. You have there a metaphore (sarcastic's one)
  3. Itisi

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    his teeth/fangs - representing his ambition - are so long and sharp they scratch the floor (haha :rolleyes:) Of course, you lose the play on words... what a shame...

    Ah, I see OLN is on the same wavelength...
  4. OLN

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    L'expression qui décrit une personne aux dents longues, donc ambitieuse, est "ses dents [sont si longues qu'elles] rayent le parquet" *ou "avoir les dents qui rayent le parquet".
    Voir ici (dictionnaire de WR) et ce fil.

    Il s'agit d'un calembour entre crocs (fangs) et Crow. Mouef, pas très inspiré.:rolleyes:

    * un plancher n'est pas vernis, donc ne se raye pas trop.
  5. spidey Member

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    What a terrible joke.

    Thank you all for your help!

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