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    How does one say "reaching" and/or "broad reach" and/or "beam reach" and/or "close reach" in Spanish?

    While we're at it, how do you say "point of sail"? I used "las relaciones con el viento."

    I am a sailor (in English) but don't know how to say these specialized terms in Spanish.

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    Thanks very much: those are totally excellent! I also found this from the US Coast Guard Interpreter Corps:

    In English, a "reach" can be close, beam or broad. But in Spanish it looks like they are all distinct. According to your Rumbos de Vela Respecto al Viento site, they are:

    Close hauled: de ceñido
    Close reach: a un descuartelar
    Beam Reach: de travéz
    Broad reach: A un largo ( or de aleta: Spanish has two where English only has one term)
    Running downwind: Popa redonda. The USCG paper uses slightly different terms, so anyone who finds this after the fact may want to investigate both to find their best options.
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    Also useful - orzar is to luff.
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    These are great to know! Thanks! One little correction for you. :)

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