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    Hi everybody,

    After a number of months testing Reactions in a few places, we have decided to allow them in a nearly all forums. The exceptions are mainly the Spanish-English and Spanish-French forums.

    We have been quite hesitant to allow emoji-style reactions here, as many of you know. A simple "Like" wouldn't work well here, since it could mean either "that is the right translation" or "that was funny". With the ability for use "Thank You" 🙏 and "Agree" :thumbsup: in this version of the Xenforo software, we shouldn't have many problems. You will see the word "Reactions" or its translation in the bottom right corner of posts.

    I hope this works well! My main goal is that the threads are more useful to people viewing them later when looking for a good translation. These people often do not have the time to read through 10 posts to find the right answer and a few Agree votes might help them know which translations are preferred.

    I've just joined the French-English discussion and was amazed to find that there was no way to reply to posts there even though you have: "To ask your first question, choose a forum and click the Post Thread button on the right side." The Post Thread button does not word and there is no Reply button on the right such as there is here. Very dismotivating. I'm not likely to stay long. Goodbye.


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    Hi, John V, and welcome to the forums :)

    This is a surprising comment because there is a button to post a thread in the French-English forums:
    it is at the very top, to the right of "French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais"; it is blue and it reads "Post thread".

    If you want to answer in an existing thread, just write in the box at the end of the thread, and click on "Post reply" in the bottom right-hand corner, as you have done to post here.

    But maybe I'm missing something :)

    John V

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    Yes. You are missing something. Do I have to explain again? The button Post Thread does not work. On the right, on this page their is a Reply button, but on the page I was viewing only a Reactions button. My next question: How do I unsubscribe? Where is THAT button?


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    There is a difference between "being in a forum" and "being in a thread".

    If you see the "Reactions" button, you are in a thread. You can't post a thread within a thread. :)

    So you have to move out of the thread, one level up, into the forum, and there you will most probably find the button "Post thread".

    Edit: :idea: It is also possible that the thread you wanted to reply to is closed. In this case, you can indeed just "React" and not "Reply". Most of our threads, however, are open. :)
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    Under posts we see ":thumbsup: :thank you: (You*,) X, Y, Z and (number) others". How do we know which members :thumbsup:ed it and which ones :thank you:ed it?
    *Except of course under one's own posts.