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  1. Liza_00

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    What´s the past tense of read..? And how do you pronounce it?

    I´ve never read Sulloway´s book. I have read two of his articles.

  2. Kevin R

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    The past tense of "to read" is "read" - however, this is pronounced "red"

  3. transparente Senior Member

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    read, read (like the color red)
  4. Jesusoulz

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    Excuse that I bring back up this old thread, but I consider it better to starting another one.

    Does anyone know why is it pronounced "red"? Is it just a case of linguistic adaptation (to differentiate present tense from past tense) or does it have an historical background/argument?
  5. Sara41984 Member

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    English is not a language that can be sounded out (decoded) like Spanish can. Why are laughter and daughter pronounced completely differently? Why does English have only 5 written vowels when there are actually more than 20 vowel phonemes? Unfortunately, in English, about 70% of the words you typically read are "sight words," meaning you can't sound them out, you have to know how to say them (i.e. memorize). This article gives a little history of how English spelling came to be the way it is.
  6. Jesusoulz

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    Whoa! This is now a 9-year-old thread!

    Thanks for the answer, nonetheless. I hope english hasn't changed too much since I asked. :D

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