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  1. Tenacious Learner

    Tenacious Learner Senior Member

    Hi teachers,
    As a title, both of them are valid, aren't they? They are to express 5 readings together, readings from 5 different chapters.

    a) Reading chapters 1-5
    b) Readings chapters 1-5

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dreamlike

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    Hi Thinking Spain,

    to be blunt, I don't really know what is it that you want to say by "Reading(s) chapters 1-5". It's supposed to be a title, but of what?
    Out of these two, it's "reading chapters 1-5" that makes sense to me, and I would take "reading" to be acting as a verb rather than a noun.

    reading chapters 1 - 5 -- performing the activity of reading of chapters from one to five.
  3. Tenacious Learner

    Tenacious Learner Senior Member

    Hi dreamlike.
    It is title of one of my manuscripts. Students have already done 5 chapters, each chapter has a reading at the end, a story that continues on and on. 20 chapter in total.
    Every 5 chapters I do a review of the structures and I also put, in this case, these five stories together.
    So, It is 'Reading Chapters 1- 5'.

    I would have never seen it that way. Thanks a lot.

  4. b3n5p34km4n Member

    American English
    If the idea is that from each chapter one through five, you select a few passages for students to read, then I can see "Readings for/from Chapters 1-5" or "Readings Chapters 1-5" to be more brief. Also, "Reading Chapters 1-5" makes sense to me only insofar as that could the the title of an assignment where the students must read all or part of those five chapters.
  5. Tenacious Learner

    Tenacious Learner Senior Member

    Thanks a lot for your help. They have to read all of those five chapters.


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