ready to revolt


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This a paragraph from Secretary Clinton's book. In this paragraph I don't know if the FBI agents are for or against Secretary Clinton? Why they believe Mr. Comey had "let me off the hook"? And above all, why They are "ready to revolt"?

“According to Rudy and others with close ties to the FBI, there was a vocal faction within the bureau that was livid that, in their view, Comey had “let me off the hook” in July. “The agents are furious,” Jim Kallstrom, the former head of the FBI’s New York office and a close ally of the ex–New York Mayor, told the press. Kallstrom also endorsed Trump and described me as a “pathological liar” and member of “a crime family.” Kallstrom claimed to be in touch with hundreds of FBI agents, both retired and current. “The FBI is Trumpland,” is how another agent put it. The agent said I was regarded by some as “the Antichrist personified.” The New York Post reported that “FBI agents are ready to revolt.”

Source: Hillary Rodham Clinton. “What Happened.”
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