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I keep finding 101 in US websites associated for instance with Realestate,
like "real estate 101", like a glossary or something.
Can you help me? What does 101 stand for?
Thanks in advance
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    jinti said:
    In American universities, the first (introductory-level) course offered in a subject often has the course number 101. For instance, the first English course will be English 101; the first economics course will be Economics 101. This sentence means that the World Bank could create a program introducing the basics or the fundamentals of capitalism.
    Source - Capitalism 101
    So, real estate 101 suggests something that is a very simple first element of this occupation.


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    I think "101" is the number given to the first, most basic module in a subject in US universities. From this meaning, it is often used to describe a brief basic course in, or set of instructions for, anything.
    I hope this helps. Perhaps an American member can give a better explanation - it's not a BE expression.


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    You may be incredulous about it, but the definition of "101" can actually be found on

    Additional information from the wikipedia:
    According to Books in Print, more books are now published with a title that begins with '101' than '100'. They usually describe or discuss a list of items, such as 101 ways to... or 101 questions and answers about... . This marketing tool is used to imply that the customer is given a little extra information beyond books that include only 100 items. ... For example, 101 Ways To Bug Your Teacher, a book by Lee Wardlaw.


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    When I was in college:

    English 101 (first year English, 1st semester)
    English 102 (first year English, 2nd semester)
    English 201 (2nd year English, 1st semester)
    English 202 (2nd year English, 2nd semester)
    English 301
    English 302
    English 401
    English 402

    As you can see, English 101 is the most basic course offered (other than "Remedial English", and "English for Non-English Speakers").

    English 101 was always taught by "TBA"
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