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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by ivant, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. ivant New Member

    Sorry people, I have a question : how can I translate to Italian "Clusterfuck nation: Reality bites again" ?

    Clusterfuck nation" is a title of a journalist article posted on a blog (about Us foreign policy on Caucaso), and "reality bites again" is the sub-title.

    It refers to the US foreign policy in the central Asia part of the world (Caucaso), talking about the setting up of client-government in that part of the world, the oil and military connections and the rule of Russia in the region.

    Cluster significa grappolo, gruppo
    Clusterfuck nation può intendersi come la nazione dei gruppi fottuti? Non credo, anche perchè non suona bene.. che dite?

    Reality bites again, forse può essere esteso come la dura realtà dei fatti??



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  2. Nerino Senior Member

    Salento, Italy
  3. Angel.Aura

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    Ciao a tutti,

    Quando si dice reality bites a me viene in mente una traduzione del tipo la realtà incalza o la verità fa male.
  4. Nerino Senior Member

    Salento, Italy
  5. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Io userei una parafrasi per il titolo del thread, ad esempio "un brusco risveglio".
  6. Archilochus Senior Member

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    American English
    'reality bites' is short for 'reality bites you in the ass' = something like "the facts go against you"= "i fatti vanno contro di voi" or "i fatti vanno contro dei vostri piani", etc.
  7. Anja.Ann

    Anja.Ann Senior Member

    Something along the lines of "la realtà ostacola"? :)
  8. Archilochus Senior Member

    New Mexico
    American English
    Yeah, something like that. There's an English (well, Scottish) saying from the poet Robert Burns:

    The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
    Gang aft a-gley

    'Gang aft a-gley' is Scottish dialect for "often go astray", so

    "The best laid schemes of mice and men often go astray", i.e., reality bites :)
  9. Teerex51

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    Italian, standard
    Seeing as how the AmE idiom has no direct equivalent in Italian, I'd use a well-established collocation which is consistent with the content of the article: La Cruda Realtà dei Fatti.

    (It's not earth-shattering but it's all I could come up with...:D)
  10. Archilochus Senior Member

    New Mexico
    American English
    Let me ask you something about that. Suppose what had to be translated was the full-blown expression. Could he (or she) simply translate it as "la realtà si morde ancora in culo."? Is there any reason why a foreign idiom or saying cannot be domesticated? (I'm allowing my English proclivities to show because, as you know, we English-speakers are absolute whores where language is concerned: We will take in anything if it pays (works).)
  11. Pietruzzo Senior Member

    Unfortunately this makes no sense in Italian. I suggest as an alternative: :warning:"E mo' so' cazzi(in culo)!":warning:
  12. Archilochus Senior Member

    New Mexico
    American English
    I find it hard to believe the language of Dante can't handle "la realtà si morde in culo".
  13. Teerex51

    Teerex51 Senior Member

    Milan, Italy
    Italian, standard
    Idioms are tricky and don't travel well.
    By definition, their meaning transcends the sum of the individual words they contain. Idioms draw on local slang and idiosyncrasies and most attempts at translating them will—yes—turn around and bite you in the ass.
    A case in point is the unabridged title of that blog ('Reality bites you in the ass'). Capably translated into Italian it would go: La realtà torna a morderti il didietro (culo would be the wrong register).

    If the average Italian were to read that, they would be totally flummoxed. It makes hardly any sense.

    I'm sure other forum members will want to weigh in here.

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