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  1. kellytree Senior Member

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    Good morning.
    Oh how I do not like the word "realtà"!

    Any ideas on how to formulate the following sentence?
    (It is a marketing text for a system that organizes a set of processes to make a job easier)

    Il sistemo XYZ può essere integrato agevolmente in molteplici realtà operative, occorrono poche e semplice cose:
    - un luogo adatto
    - un assortimento di attrezzature

    The XYZ system can be easily integrated in multiple (or various) situations with just a few simple things:

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Nerino Senior Member

    Salento, Italy
    Can a "realtà operativa" simply be a "working situation". That is what the italian expression makes me think of in the context considered.
  3. pask46 Senior Member

    Torino, Italy
    It means a "real situation", not a simulation.
    "Onto the field"
    "Real play"
    Not just a working situation, though.
  4. rubuk

    rubuk Senior Member

    Good morning pask46, and everybody. Sorry but I don't agree with You. I believe that within this context "realtà operativa" is an "ambiente di lavoro" so "working environment" could be a possible choice.

  5. london calling Senior Member

    That's how I understood it as well when I read it. :)

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