realtà politico-statuale

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    I do not understand what this phrase refers to in the following context.


    Propria dopo la 'Rerum novarum', l'integralismo cattolico ha finalmente potuto riprendere le sue forme di attaco al sistema borghese, in una rinnovata aderenza alla realtà politico-statuale, mettendosi appunto pienemente sul terreno democraticisitico delle 'attività sociali', a contenuto più o meno riformistico.


    Immediately after 'Rerum novarum,' integral Catholicism was finally able to resume its forms of attack on the bourgeois system, in a renewed adherence to the reality typical of the sort of politics practiced by the state, placing itself fully on the democratic terrain of "social activity," with a content more or less reformist.

    realtà politico-statuale = the reality typical of the sort of politics practiced by the state?

    Does the author intend to say that "integral Catholicism," as a merely social rather than political movement, began to practice politics as if it were a state?
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    I do not know how it could be translated into English but statuale means referred to the state as a political and social organization.

    Something like the "adherence to the political situation and the state context"...

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