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Ciao a tutti,
:) Ho un dubbio.

Si parla di una Mercedes berlina.

Un tizio "climbed into the rear compartment."

Che cosa si intende qui per "compartment"??

Voglio dire, è semplicemente il sedile posteriore?

In tal caso perché non ha scritto "back seat"?

Che cos'è? Ha un nome preciso?

Grazie mille a tutti.
  • Is this a sports car? A convertible, perhaps? This car might only have two seats but there is a space behind them that is not the trunk/boot that could be called a compartment.
    Ciao Rrose :):)

    I don't know.
    So solo che è una berlina, come ho scritto sopra.

    A Mercedes sedan.

    Does that help?
    It refers to the back seat. Sometimes, if the car has a chauffeur, there is a glass divider between the back seat and front seat, which isolates the back seat. That might be why it is referred to as the rear compartment.


    Sono di nuovo qui :D perché poco dopo, parlando della stessa macchina, il testo dice:

    When the car reemerged from the parking, the passenger compartment appeared to be empty.

    I think that the rear compartment and the passenger compartment are the same things. So, if now I wrote "il posto del passeggero" the reader would immediately imagine the passenger seat. Instead, I think the passenger compartment is in the back.

    Sooo. I guess I have to find a translation for "compartment in both cases.

    What do you think?

    Grazie a tutti,

    EDIT: I found "abitacolo" for passenger compartment, but since "abitacolo" implies both the passenger and the driver seats and the back seat, it doesn't make any sense to me, because the car should be empty. Who is driving it?
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