Rebanada - rodaja - tronja - raja (Spanish)

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Spanish has different words for saying "slice" or maybe its just me lacking words in other languages to express the slight differences in the quality of the different slices?

Rebanada - a slice with any kind of form
Rodaja - a slice that is round
Tronja - a thicker slice
Raja - a really thick slice, maybe even being torn apart at some point

Do you have more words for slice in your language? Do you have some more in Spanish that I forgot?
  • Penyafort

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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)

    rebanada = llesca (or tallada): una llesca de pa amb tomàquet.

    = rodanxa: una rodanxa de lluç.

    (I've never heard it, not used in Spain as far as I know)

    raja = tall: un tall de síndria.
    Greek has only τwo:

    «Φέτα» [ˈfe.ta] (fem.) --> slice, also, the name of the famous Greek white cheese because it's served sliced < Italian fetta, slice, piece. E.g:
    «Μία φέτα ψωμί» [ˈmi.a ˈfe.ta p͡sɔˈmi] --> one slice (of) bread, «μία φέτα μήλο» [ˈmi.a ˈfe.ta ˈmi.lɔ] --> one slice (of) apple.

    «Σκελίδα» [sceˈli.ða] (fem.) --> the slice/segment of anything that is divided naturally into smaller pieces, clove < Classical 3rd declension fem. noun «σκελίς» skĕlís (nom. sing.), «σκελίδος» skĕlídŏs (gen. sing.) < Classical neut. noun «σκέλος» skélŏs --> leg, limb, thigh (PIE *(s)kelH- to cut, carve, split cf Lat. scalpere, Proto-Germanic *skelduz > Ger. Schild, Emg/ shield, Dt. schild). E.g:
    «Μία σκελίδα σκόρδο» [ˈmi.a sceˈli.ða ˈskɔr.ðɔ] --> one segment (clove) of garlic, «μία σκελίδα μανταρίνι» [ˈmi.a sceˈli.ða man.daˈɾ] --> one segment of tangerine.
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