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    please what 's the meaning of rebus rhyme?
  2. Istarion Senior Member

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    'Rebus' is the graphical depiction of voiced sounds/syllables, in a way comparable to the game of charades.

    For example, I might draw a numeral four (4) next to a jug of rum to represent the two syllables of the word "forum". Not a great example, sorry - for some better ones, see the Wikipedia article.

    In many forms of rebus it's also usual to use letters such as "U" and "C" to represent the words "you" and "see" (though the word "I" is often represented using a picture of an eye).

    In heraldry, a rebus is often a factor influencing the choice of elements in a design, sounding the name of the person to whom a crest belongs.

    A rebus poem is a poem in which certain words are replaced with pictures in this way, to add an extra creative effect. Presumably this is what "rebus rhyme" refers to (if rhyme is treated as a noun meaning 'poem'). Without more context I can't be certain, however.

    Hope that helps,
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    Yes, I agree with Istarion.
    "A .... representation of a word or phrase by pictures, symbols, arrangement of letters, etc., which suggest the word or phrase, or the syllables of which it is made up;"
    More specifically, a "rebus rhyme" which nowadays seems to be mainly used as a teaching aid with youger children, surrounds the subject in question with picturesque imagery and activities.
    see here for some examples of rebus rhymes for children

  4. Istarion Senior Member

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    I should note that the rhymes on the site you link to aren't what I would call 'true' rebus, which might be unsuitable for young children. In a true rebus, the picture usually represents a syllable rather than the whole word (thus [generally] eliminating any ambiguity which might arise from a picture of an object with multiple names), and the word itself does not appear (just the graphical representation).


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