receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged

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    I suspect that this is the second meaning of whereof in the WR dictionary: "of which".

    I would feel more confident if I knew where you saw this. Was it on something that you got in the mail, or that was delivered to you? This is the kind of information we mean when we ask for "context". We need it in order to be sure we are giving you the correct meaning for example you have in mind.


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    Is there any difference between "whereof" and "thereof"?

    Could that sentence have been "receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged" without a change in meaning?


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    It is very old-fashioned style. 'Whereof' means 'of which' and 'thereof' means 'of it/that'. So, I would imagine that it has to a relative clause attached to a main clause, eg

    Thank you for your payment, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged.
    If you use 'thereof', it becomes an independent clause:

    Thank you for your payment; receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged.
    Thank you for your payment and receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged.
    I think most modern style guides would advise you to avoid 'thereof' and 'whereof'.
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