receive those offerings favourably

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Could I write "λάβετε ευμενώς αυτές τις προσφορές" to say : "receive (plural) those offerings favourably" ?

Thank you for your help
  • Perseas

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    Hello Serrand,

    are you interested in colloquial Greek? What is the context?
    In my opinion the meaning of each single word is correct.
    But this "λάβετε ευμενώς" is not colloquial, every day Greek, and you wouldn't normally hear it.
    "Receive" means also "παραλαμβάνω, δέχομαι ... etc".
    Another suggestion: "Να δεχτείτε με καλή/ευνοϊκή διάθεση αυτές τις προσφορές".
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