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If you receive value for money, you are given back something concrete after financial investments. Let me tell an example: yoghurt A is expensive, but you want to buy it because it will "give you value for money", ie. it tastes good.

With help of an EU Proposal for a Council Regulation (here), I was able to trace the saying in different languages.

Finnish: saada vastinetta rahoilleen ("get counterpart for one's money")
Swedish: få valuta för pengarna ("get currency for the money")
Dutch: waar voor zijn geld krijgen ("get sth true for one's money")

However, Italian people seem to lack the saying, since their translation looks like this:
... assicurare al cittadino europeo un buon rapporto qualità/prezzo. ("to ensure an EU citizen a good quality-price ratio")

I'm curious to hear about the saying in other languags. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Sakvaka. In French the expression "bon rapport qualité prix" is used a lot like in Italian.
    Where in the document do they talk about these expressions.. beginning? end?

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    Вреди за парите. (Vredi za parite.) - lit. "It-worths for the-money."
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