received the all-clear and got the all-clear?


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1.-His wife had just received the all-clear after battling breast cancer for two years.

2.-Kylie Minogue was stepping out with her hunky boyfriend Andres Velencoso last night for the first time since she hinted that the two may wed - and days after she got the five-year all-clear from her cancer battle.

Could you please tell me any difference between received the all-clear and got the all-clear?
  • Egmont

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    As the husband of one cancer survivor (who has the "all-clear") and the father-in-law of another (who doesn't yet), I can assure you that people in that situation are quite able to joke about their diseases. While they are obviously aware of how serious cancer is, they don't always discuss it seriously. They would probably use "got" in this context, at least in informal conversation.
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