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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by jmt356, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. jmt356 Senior Member

    Is it normal to receive multiple notifications in the same day when different people reply to a thread I am subscribed to even if I have not visited the thread in the time between each notification?

    Is it possible to only get one notification of replies to a thread I am subscribed to, unless I visit the thread, in which case I can get more than one notification?
  2. Peterdg

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    You normally receive one e-mail per thread you are subscribed to when you don't visit the forum (not the thread!) in the meanwhile. Once you connect again to the forum, you will receive new e-mail notifications.
  3. jmt356 Senior Member

    Is there a way to limit my notifications to one notification per thread until I revisit that thread (besides by not visiting the forum)?
  4. jann

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    You might try setting your Default Thread Subscription Mode in your general settings to "daily, using email" and see what that gets you. Don't forget to scroll down and save changes after you've finished. :)

    I don't use that daily digest option, so I confess I'm not exactly sure what the notification email looks like or what it includes, but there shouldn't be more than one (per thread? per forum?) per 24 hour period... and I believe it may be sent out around midnight GMT-0500.
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