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How can I translate 'reception' (French)? It's the place in a factory where raw materials or equipment arrive. I don't want to use the English word 'reception' because it could be confused with the place where visitors go.

Does 'Goods reception' sound OK? Or 'arrivals'?

Thanks in advance!
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    I would not say "The receiving is on the left..."

    It is "Receiving is on the left..."

    But I might say "The receiving area is on the left.."


    "The receiving dock is behind the factory..."


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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I was talking to a French colleague about this problem this morning, and he said he would never use the word 'réception' in this context, but rather arrivages.

    Checking Collins gives me 'delivery area'. I suppose we could also say 'delivery bay'.
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