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Bonjour! j'ai besoin de traduire les activités que j'ai effectuées lors d'un stage pour mon cv. je propose les traductions suivantes:

étude de dossiers: study of cases
rédaction de notes de synthèses: summary writing
participation à des audiences: participation in trials
recherche de jurisprudence: research of cases law

thanks for helping me!
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    Is jurisprudence case law? My English dictionary says it is "theory or philosophy of law" or "legal system" (e.g. "American jurisprudence")?

    Are you sure "audience" = "trial". It is literally, and the WR dico, "hearing". I'm not sure that all "hearings" are "trials".


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    jurisprudence (the french word) means the decision of the judges which is used to give future decisions!
    audience was translated into hearing on wordreference but was not sure it is appropriate in the context of the sentence!
    thank you for your answer!
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