Recibí conforme:

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by heatherita, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. heatherita Member

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    Hi once again... and I am almost done! ;)

    At the end of the contract, there is a list of products/materials that will be given to person... and at the end, he/she must sign. It says:

    "Recibí conforme:"

    What would the correct way to say this be?

    "I received in accordance:"
    "Received and in agreement:"

  2. begoña fernandez Senior Member

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    Hi Heatherita,

    The second option is better


  3. heatherita Member

    Bilingual English/Spanish (US/Spain)
    Thanks!! That's the one I was leaning towards.
  4. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    I prefer "received and accepted". Sounds a bit more natural.
  5. Wisconsinite Senior Member

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    I think it might be simply
    RECEIVED BY: ____________________

    I think when you indicate "received" on an invoice, it is generally understood that you have reviewed the contents and are agreeing that you've received what's listed.

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