1. lynn32580 Senior Member

    USA, English
    I'm trying to figure out how to translate RECIBO DE NOMINA into english. I'm talking about the information on monthly salary that would be sent to an employee. Would it be "payslip"? "paycheck information"? I searched the forum and could not find a translation for this anywhere.
    Many thanks!
  2. Laura Azul Member

    Rioja (España)
    Spanish -- Spain
    Siempre he oido, "Payslip" o "Payroll"
    Espera otras opciones por si acaso.
  3. kevlating Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish (Peru/Spain)
    You can say...."Pay-sheet"
  4. nmkit Member

    USA English
    Here is the US I usually hear it called either a paystub or payslip. Typically it's the information about gross income for the year, garnishments of wages etc. I receive one with each paycheck I get.
  5. lynn32580 Senior Member

    USA, English
    Many many thanks for your quick responses!

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