recibo y entrega de turno

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    Hola! Estoy traduciendo un plan de estudios sobre enfermería, son puros subtítulos (no hay frases completas), y parte del texto dice:

    "Recibo y entrega de turno. Anotaciones de enfermería. Plan de atención de enfermería"

    No estoy segura de cómo traducir la frase en general, especialmente la parte de: "Recibo y entrega de turno", pero mi intento es:

    "Shift log-in and log-out. Nursing notes. Nursing care plan"

    Apreciaría mucho sus sugerencias/correcciones al respecto. ¡Muchas gracias!
  2. EricEnfermero

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    I would just say "change-of-shift report." There are other ways to say it, but typically we don't use separate terms for giving or receiving report as the offgoing or incoming nurse.

    Login and logout are more utilized for situations involving a computer or some sort of electronic equipment.
  3. ladyly Senior Member

    Spanish - United States
    I truly appreciate your help! I've already submitted my work, but I used "change-of-shift report" as you suggested... Thank you very much!!!

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