recinto de una unidad de uso/ de instalaciones / actividad

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  1. Sli Member

    UK English
    Hi, I'm translating a datasheet on walls and partitions for a detached house.
    I'm having problems with the terms in bold which appear in a table.
    Recinto de una unidad de uso
    , recinto de instalaciones and recinto de actividad.

    They appear in the following context:

    Elementos de separación verticales entre recintos (apartado
    Debe comprobarse que se satisface la opción simplificada para los elementos de separación verticales situados entre:
    a) Recintos de unidades de uso diferentes
    b) Un recinto de una unidad de uso y una zona común
    b) Un recinto de una unidad de uso y un recinto de instalaciones o un recinto de instalaciones o un recinto de actividad.
    Deben rellenarse una ficha como esta para cada elemento de separación vertical diferente proyectados entre a), b) y c)

    My attempt is
    a) Spaces with different use units
    b) Spaces with one use unit and shared areas
    c) Spaces with one use unit and spaces with appliances/ fittings or a space with appliances/ fittings or an activity space.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Navel Senior Member

    Valencia (España)
    Castellano - Español
    Wow! It seems a industrial index card than a detached house.
    Ehhh :confused:, Is “detached house” a “chalet”/ “casa independiente”, isn’t?

    A mí también me cuesta entenderlo, en especial si habla de un chalet. Como he dicho parece una tabla de una industria o incluso de un edificio de viviendas que la han extrapolado a un chalet.

    Mi intento:
    a) Different use (work/functional) areas.
    b) Functional area and common area
    c) Functional area and facilities area or facilities area or an activity area.

    I’m not sure if it’s correct.
  3. Sli Member

    UK English
    Hi Navel.
    Thanks for your help. The house is a 'vivienda unifamiliar aislada', so not a chalet, hope that makes a bit more sense :)
    It's a relief to know it's as confusing for native speakers as it is for me!
  4. Navel Senior Member

    Valencia (España)
    Castellano - Español
    First of all excuse me my English because I know it’s low.

    OK, thank’s. ‘Chalet’ and ‘vivienda unifamiliar aislada’ are similar. There are differences between ones but basically they’re the same.

    I’m confused because words as “zona común” we use them at condominiums: stairs, entrance, elevators, boiler room, etc... are common areas. Areas which people use, that areas belong to everybody.

    This meaning loses sense if that condominiums is a deteached house. Of course, if that house is bigger than Buckingham Palace it doesn’t loses sense. But in my mind, I figure that deteached house and that house haven’t common areas because that house belongs 1 people.

    Other words are similar.
    I can figure “Recintos de unidades de uso diferentes” to gim, bar, reservation desk, apartment but... with deteached house? To me, it’s strange to mean kitchen, living room etc... as recintos de unidades de uso diferente.
    “Recinto de instalaciones” can be used at deteached house as area where are building facilities: Pump, descaling device, electrical table, etc...

    First time I read you, I think that text (table) belonged a industry o condominium building and the author had adapted it. Or that author had translate not well another text.

    I can’t help you little.
  5. Sli Member

    UK English
    Ah I didn't know that chalets were similar, that's good to know.
    Yes I think your right, maybe the architect has copied the table from an industrial building, or from the spanish building codes. I thought the same thing, "that recintos de unidades de usos diferentes" and "zona común" don't make much sense in the context. I suppose the architect could mean bathrooms and kitchens for "usos diferentes" and "zona común" between the walls or the house and neighbouring houses, or the road, but its not clear.
    Again thanks so much for your help- it is really helpful just to have a second opinion!
    And don't worry about your English, it's very good :)
  6. Navel Senior Member

    Valencia (España)
    Castellano - Español
    WReference and other on-line dictionaries/translator are helpful.
    You're welcome

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