1. Laura Cordero Member

    Mexico Spanish
    Buenos días,

    Alguién me ayuda con la traducción al inglés de "recinto fiscal"

  2. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    depende en qué contexto... ¿podrías agregar algo más?
  3. Laura Cordero Member

    Mexico Spanish
    Sí, aunque no mucho, es una póliza de seguros, están hablando de límites de responsabilidad y el inciso dice _ máximo 90 dias de estadía en recinto fiscal
  4. loladamore

    loladamore Senior Member

    Zacatecas, México
    English UK
    Tal vez te ayude buscar en este sitio, donde vienen muchos términos bastante especializados, y/o solicitar que te trasladen tu pregunta al foro de Specialized terminology.

  5. Laura Cordero Member

    Mexico Spanish
    Gracias loladamore, me ayudó muchísimo
  6. josepad Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Mexico Spanish
    This is what Loladamore meant by "this site":

    temporary, extraterritorial duty-free zone

    These are areas that operate mostly outside of national or local control. Goods can be imported for up to two years without paying customs duties, similar to bonded zones. However, there is no bond posted. Factories can exist in these areas and import parts and materials and reexport finished goods without ever having to pay duty on the importations.


    foreign trade zone /free trade zone

    FTZ (foreign trade zone)
    www.freetradealliance.org/ Legal%20Framework%20of%20the%20Foreign%20Trade%20Zone%20Regime%20in%20Mexico….pdf

    Free Zones Congress amended the Customs Law on December 2002 and provided for a new customs procedure called "Recinto Fiscalizado Estrategico". Full implementation of this customs procedure is scheduled for June 2003.
  7. alexander01

    alexander01 Member

    Caribe Mexicano
    UK English
    I know it´s past the date but my attempt is simpler:
    Customs Precinct
  8. Viann More New Member

    Mexico City
    I'd say Bonded Warehouse
    Hope it helps
  9. looking_up Member

    English - USA
    The reason I think it may not be "bonded warehouse" is that Mexico's customs site lists six import regimes, of which #3 is Depósito Fiscal (I think this is "Customs Warehouse") and #5 and #6 are Elaboración, transformación o reparación en recinto fiscalizado and Recinto fiscalizado estratégico.

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