recoger el agua de lluvia

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  1. anichi Member

    Spainish, Spain
    Hola a todos
    Necesito traducir esta frase para un trabajo

    Recoger el agua de lluvia y usarla para riego/para regar

    Mi intento: Collecting rainwater and using for water plants

  2. Sallyb36

    Sallyb36 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    British UK
    Collect rainwater and use to water plants.
  3. estrella de mar

    estrella de mar Senior Member

    UK English
    To collect rainwater and use it to water plants
  4. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Buen intento. Te hago algunas correcciones:
    Collecting rainwater and using it for [watering plants]/irrigation.
  5. Neever

    Neever Senior Member

    I would use watering plants for a few plants, like in a garden, and irrigation for watering plants on a large scale, such as in a field, or in an agricultural sense. Irrigation also has the sense that the plants are being watered by a mechanical method, while you water plants yourself, with a hose or watering can!

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