Recomend [Recommend] me to + infinitivo

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  1. Mydelight Senior Member

    Hello everybody!
    We say 'recomend something to somebody' but, can I say 'recomend me, you, us... something' without 'to'?
    Thank you in advance.
  2. Oldy Nuts

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    I would say it depends on what you want to say. And surely you mean recommend.
  3. apple123 Senior Member

    Yes, you could say " I will recommend you for the job" for example if what is recommended is a person or a thing (it) and there is no direct object.
  4. Mydelight Senior Member

    The sentence is '...the person who recommended me to apply for the job.'
  5. apple123 Senior Member

    But the meaning then is different, La persona que me aconsejó/recomendó que postulara/aplicara a ese trabajo....
  6. frida-nc

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    Es cierto, pero hay un problema, porque la mayoría de anglohablantes considerarían "I recommend you to apply" o muy informal o absolutamente incorrecto.

    "I want you to apply" es perfectamente correcto, pero no "I recommend you to apply."
    Se dice, "I recommend that you apply for the job."

    La idea es que porque "recommend" es "un elogio," el complemento directo no puede ser la persona que recibe la recomendación, sino la cosa recomendada: la cláusula "that you apply for the job."

    Ver esta explicación:

    Voy a transferir este hilo al foro de Gramática.
  7. Mydelight Senior Member

    Muchísimas gracias!!!
  8. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    This has been discussed to death but as for more the only correct constructions are:

    recommend+ gerund
    recommend that somebody (subjunctive)
  9. Mydelight Senior Member

    Thank you Tazzler... I had always avoid using that second structure (that somebody...) because I doubted it.

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