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    In English we say "to reconcile a payment with an invoice" which means, if you receive a payment from a customer you match it to the invoice that they are paying. you reconcile the payment with the corresponding invoice.
    How would you say this in Italian? Would you use any of these vebs:
    abbinare, appaiare, accoppiare?
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    I'd say among those three "abbinare". But I don't know if there are better verbs besides those ones!
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    Thanka a lot Marinels!
  4. accabbadora New Member

    Il verbo adeguato in questo caso è giustificare. Giustificare un pagamento con una fattura.
  5. Tommy1971 Senior Member

    UK English
    Thanks a lot accabbadora!
  6. Vica63 Senior Member

    Hi! here is what I found in the Economics and Business Dictionary (Zanichelli - Il Sole 24 Ore): Reconcile: Riconciliare; realizzare la concordanza tra due conti in contropartita. Hope it helps!
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