Reconnait-on l'artiste à son savoir-faire ?


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ტაი ენა- Thai

J'ai un peu de mal à bien comprendre cette question- 'Reconnait-on l'artiste à son savoir-faire'?

Could it mean 'Does one identify the artist to his savoir-faire? But I don't feel that makes much sense! Or perhaps 'Does one recognise the artist/an artist by his savoir-faire'?

Merci d'avance!


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Isn’t it ‘savoir-faire’ as in this definition (Petit Robert) ‘compétence, expérience dans l’exercice d’une activité artistique’? Which I think is closer to ‘expertise’ or maybe even ‘craftsmanship’.
'savoir-faire' (English) means something quite different to me - and to my dictionaries. :)


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Yes, thanks Omelette, I wasn't aware of such restrictions in the English meaning of 'savoir-faire' (mostly = social grace). Craftsmanship it is!