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    Hi all

    I am translating an Acknowledgment of Paternity into English. Since Acta de Reconocimiento is said acknowledgement, it follows, does it not, that RECONICIDO is Child and RECONOCEDOR is Parent/father?

    Thank you!
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    If Spanish endings are as I would expect (estoy apreniendo solamente), the -or would be the person doing the acknowledging (or officially recognizing) and the -o would be the one being recognized. While this would be the father and child if a father is acknowledging paternity, the choice of terminology obviously is based on the official act of recognition or acknowledgement, so the simple terms "father" and "child" may not be the best choices. Then again, I don't practice in this area and am not sure what the normal terms would be in English. Perhaps we would use "father" and "child" and let the context indicate the status of these two. Depending on context, and pending better suggestions, I could suggest "acknowledging parent" and "acknowledged child"--but these sound rather awkward.
    Do you have more context? A few phrases using the terms?
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    thank you for such a thoughtful analysis. I looked up some similar US forms on line and they state Child and Father/parent so that is what I went with and feel comfortable with it.

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