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Hello everyone,

I want to know if I made a mistake with structure grammar in dark words.

"Revisar, evaluar y analizar la información base correspondiente, recopilada según lo indicado en el punto 5.1 del Procedimiento de Trabajo I-T-015-PT-01"

"Look through, evaluate and analyze of corresponding data base which have been compiled according to the item 5.1 of work procedure I-T-015-PT-01"

I would like to know if I could say "..., compiling according ...."

Thanks for you time.

  • fenixpollo

    American English
    "Compiling" doesn't sound right to me. You could use "compiled", though:

    ...database, which has been compiled according to item 5.1...
    ...database, compiled according to item 5.1...

    Unas sugerencias. Espero que te sirvan.
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