recording secretary vs corresponding secretary

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  1. harold senegal New Member

    Spanish mexico
    please help me with the follwoing two phrases--this has to do with elections.

    "recording secretary" and "corresponding secretary"

    Thank you mucho.
  2. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    What do you mean, it has to do with elections? The recording secretary might be the person in charge of officially recording (making a record of) the ballot counting, but a corresponding secretary would not necessarily have anything to do with elections ... you would probably do better by including a more informative background to your question.
  3. harold senegal New Member

    Spanish mexico
    In this case both have to do with elections.


    Thank you.
  4. Singinswtt11

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    English since birth, Spanish shortly thereafter

    How would you say "recording secretary" in this context?

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