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Hey guys I have a part of a text whyere I have little problems with the translation, I tried my best but I feel that its not correct...

This is the Spanish text (original):

"Un vídeo teaser, insertado en Youtube, que recorrió la red gracias a la participación de un público sorprendido e interesado en conocer qué había tras la cuenta atrás de la Web www desatatudeseo com, condujo a los 150 más afortunados de los miles de participantes hasta la República Dominicana para vivir una fiesta con varios artistas internacionales como Tiga y Fangoria. "

This is my translation:

"A teaser-video, added on YouTube, which crossed the internet thanks to the participation of an audience that was surprised and interested to know, what happened after the countdown on the website www desatatudeseo com. It led 150 lucky ones out of thousands of participants to the Dominican Republic to enjoy a party with various international artists, such as Tiga and Fangoria."

I am thankful for any kind of help...
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