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hola :

En este contexto

My father tells me: “Saint-Exupéry was commissioned to perform a dangerous special reconnaissance flight of considerable risk, he had the option to accept or abort the mission, courageously he accepted it”.

quería saber si puedo usar recount en vez de tell

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    "recount" significa "volver a contar" en el sentido numérico.
    Ej. "recount votes / papers / boxes"

    Debe ser "retell", que significa "volver a narrar".

    También puedes usar "told me again", "told me once again", "retold me"


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    Recount does not always have to do with actually counting something, like votes or money. You can "recount" a story if you are telling a story. For example, I might recount my day's events to my husband when I arrive home after work. (Or, tell my husband about my day). But you cannot use "recount" and "tell" interchangably.

    Also, the pronunciation of the 2 uses of recount are different. Recount (an amount) is pronounced RE-count. Recount (a story) re-COUNT.