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  1. akonig New Member

    Please help me translate this phrase into Spanish. Not sure what the right translation should be. It refers to an application someone needs to fill out.
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    akonig, welcome to the forum!

    We need more context! And you need to make an effort to translate the text in question. All we could really say is that it's a kind of solicitud (application). A 'leaflet' could be un panfleto, un folleto, etc. 'Recruitment' is reclutamiento. Give us more context and tell what you think it should be or might be. What is it for? Is it for business? for education?

  3. akonig New Member

    It is an application that people need to fill out to apply to become a member of a network. It contains fields like NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, etc, etc...
  4. j0n1$ Member

    Español (España)
    Folleto de solicitud de admisión?

    El compañero tiene razón. En las reglas dice que además de la frase en cuestión y el contexto, debes al menos mostrar un intento de traducción. Para la próxima.;)

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