rectificación de la lordosis vertical

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  1. AleRossell

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    I need help translating this into English:

    Rectificación de la lordosis cervical.

    The words rectification or correction are not useful because, in this case, rectificacion has a bad connotation. Any suggestions?
  2. Marxelo

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    Sin embargo se usa rectification en varios textos.
  3. Tarahumara Senior Member

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    My suggestion would be:
    Vertical lordosis repair / vertical lordosis correction with/and/or instrumentation.
    It depends on how it is being used.
  4. Lamat7 New Member

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    To my knowledge, Marxelo is right. The term "rectification" is used just like in Spanish, rectificación. But here it does not mean "correction" or "repair" at all. It means that the natural curve or "lordosis" of the cervical spine has become literally straight, due to factors like arthritis, whiplash trauma, etc. Rectification of cervical lordosis means then, a problem, not a solution.
  5. Bill Osler

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    If "Rectificación de la lordosis cervical" refers to a loss of curvature of the spine (as Lamat7 seems to suggest) then the common expression in English would be "straightening".
    I do not have enough expertise to say whether it does in fact refer to a loss of curvature or to a restoration of curvature.
  6. Bálsamo de Fierabrás

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    Hi. As Bill Osler highlighted, the term refer to a loss of physiological cervical curvature or Loss of cervical lordosis by a traumatism (a car accident, generally) or degenerative source; although is common to use "rectification" in specialized press the term most-used is "Loss of..." as here
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