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Discussion in 'English Only' started by KaiTW, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. KaiTW New Member

    Hello everyone,

    What's the difference between "rectification" and "correction"?
    "correct" is easier to understand but when and how can I use the word "rectification".

    Recently I met a guy willing to correct my English (article), so in thanks mail, I want to write "Thanks for your correction".
    It's possible, I knew that, but wandering if there is the other way to say it.

    Googled some on-line dictionary, saying rectify - To set right; correct.
    Can't really feel the difference of this word. Anyone can give me some example to help me to clarify those 2 words?
    Does it "rectification" is more formal?

  2. pob14 Senior Member

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    I can't recall ever hearing "rectification," and I wouldn't use it myself. It sounds like one of those words business people make up in order to sound like they know something the rest of us don't. :D
  3. eac Senior Member

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    Typically we see rectification used in the context of fixing a problem or habit that is actively harmful, rather than amending a simple error in a text. For example, "The new president sought to rectify the widespread injustices in his country" or "If he doesn't rectify his poor study habits, he will never finish university."
  4. KaiTW New Member

    Thank your comment, pob14. I am learning to write formally like businessman though. ;P
    Thanks eac! I understand the difference right now. Your explanation is simple and clear, very helpful!
  5. PaulQ

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    Then you will wish to avoid "rectification", which is usually used in technical senses when referring to electricity, the law and the distillation of alcohol. ;)

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