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Julie Bongarra

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Good afternoon! Can anyone please let me know if "Head Dean" would be the correct translation of Rectora General? On the same university's website, I've seen the terms "academic dean" and "assistant dean", so I know "dean" is correct, but I'm not sure how to translate "general". Thank you!!!

"Para la celebración se contó con la presencia de todo el claustro académico, alumnos y miembros de la comunidad universitaria y de manera especial estuvo presente la Dra. Fernanda Llergo Bay, Rectora General del Sistema UP-IPADE."

The entire academic staff, students, and members of the university community attended the celebration, with the special presence of Dr. Fernanda Llergo Bay, Head Dean of the UP-IPADE System.
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    I have seen it translated as superintendent, but I don't know if that is correct in this situation.


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    I think this might be "Chancellor." Head dean sounds wrong.