Rectoria (universidad)

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    This is a rather easy one that I should KNOW but I've drawn a blank. In Mexico the rector is the president? director? of the university and the governing body of the university is called a rectoria. Is there an equivalent for this kind of rectoria in English?
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    To refer to one person, I would translate it as "the rector of the university". This is certainly not an unknown term in English; for example, one speaks of the Rector of the Pontifical North American College in Rome.
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    How about VICE RECTORIA???
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    Look up here, and scroll down to the paragraph titled "President and Chancellors," it might be of great help. Saludos, BJ.
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    tiredtranslator, tengo entendido que el Director de una universidad es 'Principal'
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    The administration. Ve esta página web. La administración está a cargo de todo asunto administrativo de la universidad, del manejo y dirección de la universidad.

    También hay el -board of trustees- son los que aconsjan a la administración. Es un conjunto de consejeros, sea directores externos, que tienen la suprema autoridad acerca de las póliticas. La junta directiva.

    Creo que rectoría tiene más en común con - the Administration-

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