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    Can someone advise of the correct translation of "recuento exacto" in this context? It features in a description of the final stages of surgery for a prolapsed rectum.

    "Cierre de peritoneo hasta cubrir por completo la malla. Lavado. Recuento exacto. Cierre por planos. Cierre de incisiones de trocares."

    My translation is as follows: "Closure of peritoneum to point of complete coverage of the mesh. Lavage. Exact count. Closure of layers. Closure of trocar incisions."

    Exact count seems very literal, I am not sure what part of the process is being described.
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    In general it would be, "the count is correct," referring to the count of instruments, needles and sponges. And in lieu of "lavage" it is more common to say "irrigation."

    I think it sounds better this way: "Closure of peritoneum with complete coverage of the mesh. Irrigation. The count was correct. Closure by layers. Closure of trocar incisions."

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